The Bluebird and The Maiden – A Fable

A young woman named Melissa got an iPhone for her 18th birthday, and she was very excited. She was one of the last in her circle of friends to get such a “smart” phone, and she was overcome with a feeling of finally belonging to the in crowd.

All of Melissa’s friends showed her how to join in on the most popular social media apps so that she could be part of the neverending online conversation. Up until she got her smart phone, Melissa had only had a Facebook page and she didn’t do much with it because her parents and her little brother followed her on Facebook.

Now she had access to all kinds of social media platforms. At the touch of a finger, she created accounts at Twitter, Flickr, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest… You name it, and Melissa was all over it.

The little bluebird of Twitter told Melissa that she could have one public profile that everyone could see and that she could also have a PT (private twitter) that only her closest friends would know belonged to her. They all had PTs, and considered themselves very clever to be able to hide these “real” accounts from parents and other prying eyes.

Soon Melissa’s friends were snapchatting very risqué photos of themselves, inspired by the Kardashian sisters. Wanting to be cool like them, Melissa snapchatted a photo of herself, believing that since it disappeared a few seconds later, no one (other than her BFFs) would see it. Well, one of her BFFs wasn’t so B or F after all. She took a screenshot of Melissa’s sexy photo and posted it on her public Twitter account. For the world to see. And she also included an @ mention with Melissa’s private Twitter handle. So now everyone who knew Melissa could see more of her than they ever bargained for. And Melissa learned a few hard lessons.

Moral of the Fable: Don’t post anything online (or on your phone) that you wouldn’t want your Mom to see.

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