Details and Rates

Everything I write for you will be original, unique, and you will own it. It will also be accurate and grammatically correct. I’ll need some of your time on the front end so I can be sure I know what you need and we won’t have to spend time later with revisions. If you need help coming up with topics that you can and should rank for in Google, I can do that.

Working with me is very straightforward. I don’t charge by the hour because I don’t think you should wonder about how quickly or slowly I work, and because I hate time tracking.

Blog posts/articles

  • Ideal length is 500-600 words – $100
  • Topic/Keyword research – $50 for 10 topics
  • Longer written work negotiable
    For bigger projects, 50% of the cost of your project is due up front, the remainder upon completion.

Social Media

I can write some social media posts for you that are engaging and on-topic and of interest to your target audience, but you need to be the voice of your social media. You should monitor 24/7 so you can respond quickly when someone comments, asks a question, or complains. Most customer service nowadays is taking place online and your customers/clients want to hear from you, not me.

  • Social posts include¬†a longer Facebook post and a shortened version¬†(same topic) for Twitter. So 10 posts would have 2 versions each, for a total of 20.
  • Facebook or Twitter posts for your industry – $10 each, minimum of 10
  • Specific Facebook or Twitter posts for your business (topic provided by you) – $15 each, no minimum

Speaking of Social Media…

You will be much happier with the performance of your blog/website if you help promote your awesome content. Be sure to post/tweet links to your blog posts, articles, and website to help people find you and want to do business with you.


  • Proofreading means checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. This is quick and very affordable. For example, a 500 word blog post that just needs proofreading would cost $15.
  • Editing includes all that plus any needed rewriting, tweaking, confirming facts and therefore costs more.
  • All written work submitted for proofreading or editing will be checked in advance to ensure that it is not “borrowed” from another source.
  • Prices will be quoted based on length/complexity of work.